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Sound Therapy by Australia's Foremost Gong Master

Regain control of your life with this ground breaking meditation tool.

See for yourself this acient technology that is Revolutionising the health and wellness industry

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Sound Therapy Benefits: Making a Mark on a Global Scale

The benefits of sound therapy are being increasingly felt around the world due to positive effects on participants, such as a reduction in inflammation, increase in hydration, physical, mental, and emotional shifts, and an overall improvement in general long-term happiness.

When you experience the magic of gong therapy, you will turn off you fight or flight response, reduce anxiety, sharpen your mental state, and improve performance in every area of your life. These overall benefits ultimately increase the quality of relationships with everyone around you.

This ancient therapy is enriched by its wonderful history and is renowned for its power and ability to instantly command attention and sharpen focus.  

Sound Therapy Benefits: Making a Mark on a Global Scale

Gongscape Meditation is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. The process involves using a range of ancient instruments including gongs, didgeridoo (Yidaki) and ocean drum and chimes, along with other soothing instruments.

This process enables participants to relax their body and quiet and calm the mind, enabling daily stresses to ease leading to pain reduction, healing, and personal transformation.

Group Sound Therapy Session


If you are feeling burnt out and need a total mind and body shift, then private one-on-one sessions are available at a location of your choice, to help you restore balance in your life and reconnect with those most important to you.


If you’re responsible for running the corporate event or health and wellness program for your work and want to improve staff morale, team productivity, bonding, focus and sharpen productivity, then a brief, regular, team gong lunchtime session in your workplace is the perfect solution.

Corporate Meditation


Gongscape can also collaborate with other businesses for offsite activations, such as group meditations, festival lineups and DJ events and more.

NDIS Group and 1-1 Gong Sessions

GongScape Meditation offers NDIS-approved meditation sessions tailored for individuals with disabilities, using therapeutic sound techniques to enhance relaxation and inclusivity in sensory-friendly environments.



We hold regular workshops that are open to everyone. If you would like to come along to one of our events, tickets are available via the “Book Now” page above.



Leith also owns and runs one of the premier gong training schools in South-East Queensland. He is passionate about training the next up-and-coming sound practitioners around the country, to use the power of sound therapy to help alleviate stress and anxiety for millions of people in need of a holistic solution.


A range of products are available at our shop, so you can bring the power of sound therapy to life in your home or workplace.



Gongscape Meditations are also available to download in our ‘shop’ section above, so you can enjoy the restorative benefits of sound therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Gong Scape by Leith James
Leith James 


Leith has completed his Gong Master Training (level 1 & 2) with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux at Yoga of Holistic Resonance & Sound Therapy training at the British Academy of Sound Healing, and he is a certified SomaEnergetics Practitioner.


Leith has had extensive experience facilitating personal sound healing, group meditations, live events & sound immersion sessions as well as corporate wellness programs, gong training and workshops locally and internationally.

Passionate about sharing the joy and wisdom of this powerful and ancient art form and healing modality with others, he now teaches through his training programs and courses and is a strong advocate for the benefits and research of gong and sound healing to support mental health and holistic wellbeing.

Downloadable Meditations

Now available in the shop

Gong Sounds Meditation Series
Gong Sounds: Digital Download
Gong Sounds Meditation Creativity 
The Gong


What People Are Saying...
Gillian farry

Last night I helped Leith with his Gong Sound Meditation in Brisbane and I slept like I had been awake for two days straight. This morning, I have clarity like I have not felt for a long time. All I can say is you should try one of Leith’s gong baths it was quite simply amazing!

Gillian Farry

Life, coach, Author, Public speaker , gillianfarry

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