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Gongscape is run by Leith James, Australia’s premier sound therapist and gong master, with over 12 years’ experience in the health and wellness sphere. Leith is passionate about enriching the health and wellness of the community using the power of sound therapy, which is proven to reduce anxiety, stress, depression and alleviate many mental health conditions.

Leith is President and Founder of the Australian Sound Healers Association  and has a Diploma in Group Sound Therapy from the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Leith also holds the following credentials: Assoc. Degree Certified; SomaEnergetics Practitioner; Tuning Fork Practitioner; Certified Sound Practitioner; Soma Energetics. 

Harmonizing Holistic Expertise: Leith's Gong Mastery and Coaching Credentials

He has Gong Master Training: Level 1 & 2 from Yoga of Holistic Resonance with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and is a Certified Performance Coach, Hypnosis & NLP Practitioner, The Academy of Wealth, Achievement and Universal Events.

Leith has been the project lead and performer for Gong Enrichment – Tour de Soul – Australian Tour in 2020 / 21 with Gong Meditations and Workshops. He has been a facilitator for Corporate Wellness Programs and Gong Sound Meditations focussed on mental health, productivity, and team building.

Leith has also been a project lead and facilitator for Creative HeARTS Cancer for Kids Project SIBLINGS (Behold Creative Wellbeing) and has been responsible for Gong Meditation and Creative Wellbeing Workshops for young people suffering with cancer and their siblings. He has been a Presenter / Performer at Holistic Wellness Expo, Loganholme, Conscious Life Festival, Kawana, Mind Body Wealth Retreat, Makepeace Island, Chinese New Year Festival, Bundaberg, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Melbourne Whale Dreamers’ Festival, Nora head and Yoga Fest. He is also available for hosting and presenting work and has hosted the prestigious Mantak Chia – World Famous Tao Master – Australian Tour.  He has been the Australian Host & Co-Producer of the Grand Gong Master, World Tour. He is an experienced event manager and can also provide event management and tour itinerary support.

Leith James Gong Master 3
Leith James Gong Master 2
Leith James Gong Master 1

Leith is an experienced project lead and performer and will bring all equipment and event materials to your desired venue. He also runs Gong Sound Meditation training academy and has a passion in teaching those interested in becoming sound practitioners. As world leaders in the health and wellness sphere, Gongscape is your number one choice for events and activations that will benefit participants on both a physical and mental level. Leith is available to attend events around Australia and internationally. You can contact us to discuss all event options.

Soundscapes at Your Doorstep:
Mobile Services for Mind-Body Transformation through Sound Therapy
The power of sound therapy is available for everyone. Experience the ultimate mind and body transformation with the following mobile services available:
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✥ Group meditations   

✥ One on one sessions

✥ Speaking, hosting and presenting

✥ Local and national sporting teams

✥ Training programs and workshops

✥ Sound immersion event activations

✥ Tourism wellness and leisure activities

✥ Corporate health and wellness programs

✥ Private events and functions (e.g. baby

shower, couples retreat)

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