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Gong Sound Stress Mindfulness Online Training

Achieve a Balanced and Healthier Life through Gong Sound Mindfulness Practice

Discover the Healing Power of Sound

Welcome to the Gong Sound Stress Mindfulness Training, an exclusive online program designed to help you achieve a better quality of life through routine guided gong sound mindfulness practice. Led by Leith James, a certified Gong Master and sound practitioner with extensive experience, this course promotes relaxation, clarity of thought, and overall well-being.

Why Choose Gong Meditation?

Calmer and Clearer Thinking: Let the soothing sounds of the gong quiet your mind.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Experience profound relaxation and peace.

✥ Improved Focus and Concentration: Enhance your mental clarity and productivity.

✥ Enhanced Problem-Solving: Boost your cognitive abilities and decision-making skills.

✥ Increased Creativity: Unlock your creative potential.

✥ Restored Balance and Relaxation: Achieve a harmonious state of well-being.

✥ Better Overall Health: Feel healthier and more vibrant.

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Course Features

✥ 14 Guided 10-minute Meditations: Enhance your practice with daily structured meditations.

3 Audio Visual Gong Meditations: Enjoy high-frequency gong sound and art digital creativity sessions.

✥ 20-Minute Soundscape: Immerse yourself in a longer soundscape for deeper relaxation and focus.

Two Bonus Downloads:

Final Assessment and Certification: Measure your progress and earn a certificate upon completion.

Online Gong Training

Free Mental Health Questionnaire

Start your journey by taking our free mental health questionnaire to understand your stress, anxiety, and depression levels. Developed by Lovibond S.H. & Lovibond P.F. (1995). Access it here.

Enroll Now for $299

Join the Gong Sound Stress Mindfulness Training and embark on a transformative journey towards a happier, more balanced, and healthier life. Rediscover the power of sound and mindfulness with this special online event.


Paula Bratic, Carers Australia

I found that I quietened my breathing and mind to listen for the gong. It was really helpful.

Irena Burton, Carers Australia

The gong was pleasant to the ears and unpredictable. It quietened my breathing so I could hear the gong better. The visuals were also enjoyable.

  • How do you take care of a gong?
    Gongs should be cleaned from time to time. Dirt, which builds up during set-up, playing and transporting, acts on the Gong like a damper and inhibits its natural vibration. Each Gong has a wax coating to guard against oxidizing and dirt build-up. During cleaning the coat is gradually removed and has to be replaced.
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    FAQs are a great way to help site visitors find quick answers to common questions about your business and create a better navigation experience.
  • How do gongs heal?
    How do gongs heal? The gong's sounds and vibrations have a quick effect on the brain and the body. They move us from our awake (Beta) state to a more relaxed and calm (Alpha) state, then on to a restful (Theta) state and finally to a deeply relaxing meditative (Delta) state.
  • What do you wear to a gong bath?
    You should wear loose, comfortable clothing and - as you will be lying still for an hour in a sleep-like trance – something warm. Stylish yoga casuals, cashmere pashminas or sweat pants and baggy T: it's up to you.
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  • Can you have a gong bath while pregnant?
    Can everyone participate in a sound bath? Crystal Sound Lounge is open to everyone over 16 years old and requires no level of fitness or prior experience. Sound therapy is not suitable for people with severe or clinical mental health problems, epilepsy or between 1-12 weeks pregnant.
  • How long do sound baths last?
    Sound bath meditations can range anywhere from five minutes to an hour, so it's easy to dip your toes in and feel out the waters if you only want to commit to a short amount of time. “If you're unsure about practicing a sound bath or you don't know what it is, give it five minutes
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Celebrate wellness with this unique gift that supports relaxation and inner peace.

About Leith James

A professional portrait of Leith James in his studio with various gongs in the background
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Leith James 

Gong Master, Trainer & Sound Healer

Gongscape is run by Leith James, Australia’s premier sound therapist and gong master, with over 15 years’ experience in the health and wellness sphere. Leith is passionate about enriching the health and wellness of the community using the power of sound therapy, which is proven to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and alleviate many mental health conditions.

Leith is President and Founder of the Australian Sound Healers Association and has a Diploma in Group Sound Therapy from the British Academy of Sound Therapy. He also holds certifications in SomaEnergetics, Tuning Fork, and Performance Coaching, among others. Leith has facilitated numerous corporate wellness programs, gong meditations, and creative wellbeing workshops. He is available for events across Australia and internationally.

Contact us to discuss all event options and start your journey towards better health with Gongscape.

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