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NDIS GongScape Meditation Program 

 Social and Community Participation Group Activity


Enriched Experience with Queensland Government Companion Card Program Affiliation


Welcome to the NDIS GongScape Meditation Program, a transformative and inclusive meditation experience specifically designed for individuals with disabilities. As a proud registered affiliate with the Queensland Government Companion Card Program, our program stands as a beacon of equitable access and inclusivity in the world of wellness and meditation.

Immersive Meditation Experience:

Embark on a unique journey with our GongScape Meditation Program, where an immersive, sensory-rich meditation experience awaits. Surrounded by the resonant sounds of gongs and harmonic instruments, participants enjoy a sound journey that fosters tranquility and inner harmony. This accessible and beneficial experience offers a sanctuary of sound, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.








How GongScape Meditation Works:

GongScape Meditation harnesses the therapeutic power of sound vibrations from gongs and other harmonic instruments. These vibrations resonate through the body, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing mental clarity. The sound waves create a deep sense of peace and well-being, making it an effective tool for individuals seeking a tranquil and restorative experience.

Program Format:

Introduction (10 minutes):

Participants are welcomed and introduced to the session, setting a comfortable and inclusive tone.

Gong Meditation Session (40 minutes):

A guided meditation featuring the resonant sounds of gongs, creating a deeply immersive and therapeutic experience.

Discussion and Reflection (10 minutes):

A period for participants to share their experiences, ask questions, and reflect on the meditation.

Social Interaction (1 hour):

Post-meditation, participants are invited to connect with others over tea and biscuits, fostering a sense of community.


Tailored for accessibility and inclusion 

Companion Card Integration: Aligning with the Queensland Government Companion Card, we ensure every participant and their companion can experience this transformative meditation journey together. This approach enhances accessibility and enjoyment for all.

Sensory-Friendly Environment: Our GongScape Meditation sessions are conducted in a sensory-friendly setting, accommodating the diverse needs of our participants and ensuring a comfortable experience for those sensitive to overstimulation.

Benefits of GongScape Meditation:

  • Deep Relaxation: Experience the therapeutic escape of gong sounds, aiding in relaxation and stress relief.

  • Enhanced Well-being: Participants often report improved well-being, mood enhancement, and mental clarity.

  • Community Connection: Beyond meditation, our program fosters community and belonging, offering a supportive and inclusive environment.

  • Personalised experience: 0ne on one sessions also available 

Service Areas include: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich


Join Us for a Journey of Sound and Serenity:

We invite you to the GongScape Meditation Program, a journey towards inner peace, community connection, and holistic well-being. This program, in collaboration with the Queensland Government Companion Card Program, is more than just a meditation session; it's an accessible path to wellness and tranquility. Discover the serene world of GongScape Meditation – a haven for personal growth and relaxation in an inclusive environment.







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