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Online Meditation Course
Money Mindset

Welcome to your Online Meditation Course

Here you can access all of your meditations, modules and learning resources to guide you

through this transformation and exciting course.

This course is designed to deprogram and decode your Money Mindset and any limiting beliefs and blocks you may have and be experiencing surrounding money and abundance.


Cultivating a daily meditation practice goes a long way in living a life that is balanced and vibrant.


Using Sympathetic Resonance  to calm the nervous system ~ through gong meditation

we are able to tap into a phenomenon that causes physical changes within matter and living organisms 

as vibrational healing, in a sound bath we are intentionally using sympathetic resonance in a therapeutic context

to cause a harmonising affect on our bodies, brains and nervous systems

on a deep cellular level through the process of entrainment.

We encourage you to practice your Meditations daily

Focus on each module for 1 week

You may also like to journal throughout this process and this can often aid immensley the process of integration and insight gained from these meditation experiences and learnings and mapping of your thoughts, intentions and progress throughout the course.

If  you feel like you need additional support at any stage throughout this process and healing journey, you can book a 1-1 session with Leith

Private Sound Healing Sessions
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