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GERWELL Advanced Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator - 5000 PPB, IP67 Waterproof, Du

GERWELL Advanced Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator - 5000 PPB, IP67 Waterproof, Du

SKU: 1005005943101359

GERWELL 5000 PPB Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator - Advanced IP67 Waterproof Dual Chamber Technology


🚰 Product Overview

Elevate your hydration experience with the GERWELL 5000 PPB Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator. Designed with cutting-edge dual chamber technology, this water ionizer infuses your drinking water with up to 5000 PPB of hydrogen, offering a rich antioxidant boost for improved health and vitality. Crafted from durable titanium and boasting an IP67 waterproof rating, this pitcher is perfect for daily use, whether at home or on the go.


🔬 Key Features

  • High Hydrogen Concentration: Delivers a hydrogen content between 4000-5000 PPB, transforming ordinary water into a powerful antioxidant source.
  • Premium Material: Constructed from high-quality titanium, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Dual Chamber Technology: Innovative design that enhances the hydrogen infusion process, maximizing efficiency and health benefits.
  • Waterproof and Portable: IP67 waterproof rating allows for versatile use in various environments without concern for moisture or splashes.
  • Energy Efficient: Utilizes just 6 watts of power, making it an eco-friendly addition to your daily routine.
  • Direct Drinking Function: Designed for direct consumption from the pitcher, providing immediate access to purified, hydrogen-rich water.


📜 Certifications

  • Comprehensive Safety and Quality Certifications: Includes CB, CE, CSA, EMC, EMF, GS, LFGB, RoHS, SASO, and UL, ensuring a product you can trust.


🌐 Use

  • Type: Water Ionizer
  • Use: Ideal for anyone seeking a healthier drinking experience directly from a pitcher.


Why You Should Buy

Invest in your health with the GERWELL Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator. Its advanced technology and easy use make it a leading choice for health-conscious individuals looking to enhance their daily water intake with the therapeutic benefits of hydrogen-rich water.

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