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Joyful Vibrations: Gong Meditation for Happiness

Joyful Vibrations: Gong Meditation for Happiness

Infuse your life with joy through 'Joyful Vibrations,' a gong meditation session that reduces stress and stimulates self-repair at the cellular level. Free yourself from mental and emotional blockages, choosing to enjoy life regardless of circumstances, and embracing happiness as a conscious choice.


Elevate your happiness. Embrace the dynamic levels of 'Joyful Vibrations' and unlock the gates to enduring joy and contentment.




I downloaded your joy sound track and I love it! Even though I used my headphones I still went through a hypnotic out of body experience with the gong sound track. I think it helped having my phone on my chest and feeling the vibration through my heart chakra. The experience felt wonderful, although not quite as potent in effect as being there in person. This could be due to the length of time of the sound bath... A ten minute download on my phone compared to one hour in a room next to the vibrations. I will download some other tracks later on. Thank you for sharing your gift! 


Cindy Heddle 

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