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Crystal Bowls Set 432Hz Chakra Quartz 6-12" 7 Pcs w/ Free Bags

Crystal Bowls Set 432Hz Chakra Quartz 6-12" 7 Pcs w/ Free Bags

SKU: 3256805765003023


🌟 Harmonize Your Life with Our 432Hz Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls! 🌟

Transform your sound healing experience with our exquisite 7-piece Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Set. Designed for ultimate relaxation and sound therapy, this set is perfect for yoga, meditation, and stress relief.


✨ Features:

  • Sizes: 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12"
  • Notes: 12" C, 11" D, 10" E, 9" F, 8" G, 7" A, 6" B
  • Material: 99.99% pure quartz crystal
  • Frequency: 432Hz for optimal healing vibrations
  • Includes: 2 rubber mallets, 2 suede mallets, 7 rubber o-rings
  • Free Bags: Carrying bags for easy transportation

This stunning set is designed to improve your temperament, purify your soul, and calm your mind. Whether you are looking to release anxiety and tension, balance your chakras, or simply enjoy the soothing sounds of nature, this set is perfect for you.


🎶 Imagine the tranquility and balance you’ll achieve with these beautifully tuned bowls, enhancing your meditation and sound therapy practices. 🎶


💖 Act Now! These bowls are a must-have for anyone serious about sound healing. Add them to your cart today and start your journey to inner peace.


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