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28"/70cm Chinese Chau Gongs Handmade Bronze Tam Tam Gongs for Sound Healing

28"/70cm Chinese Chau Gongs Handmade Bronze Tam Tam Gongs for Sound Healing

SKU: 1005001726672333

Handcrafted 28" Chinese Chau Gong - Bronze Tam Tam for Sound Healing, Meditation & Musical Performances


🎶 Product Overview

Experience the deep, resonant sounds of the East with our 28-inch Chinese Chau Gong. Each gong is meticulously handcrafted from a premium blend of 80% copper and 20% tin, ensuring a professional sound quality that resonates in any setting. Perfect for sound healing sessions, meditative practices, or adding a unique touch to your musical performances, this gong promises not only mesmerizing sounds but also durability and aesthetic appeal.


🔔 Features

  • Superior Material: Made from high-quality bronze, featuring an 80% copper and 20% tin composition for a rich, lasting resonance.
  • Dimensions: 70 cm in diameter, providing a commanding presence and full-bodied sound.
  • Handmade Artistry: Each gong is handcrafted by skilled artisans, making it a unique piece of functional art.
  • Inclusive Accessories: Comes with a specially designed mallet that complements the gong to produce soothing tones.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for musical performances, sound healing therapies, and meditation sessions.


💡 Why You Should Buy

  • Enhances Wellness: Perfect for sound therapists and wellness practitioners looking to deepen their practice.
  • Cultural Heritage: Brings a piece of traditional Eastern craftsmanship into your home or studio.
  • Professional Sound: Engineered to deliver deep, resonating sounds that captivate and heal.


📦 Packaging

Your new gong will arrive securely packaged in a sturdy carton, ensuring it reaches you in perfect condition, ready to play right out of the box.

Bring harmony and tranquility to your space with our beautifully crafted Chinese Chau Gong. Whether for personal enjoyment or professional use, its enchanting tones are sure to elevate any atmosphere.

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