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Does Earth Grounding Really Work?

Updated: Apr 29

The practice of "earthing" or "grounding" has generated a lot of discussion and interest. While some dismiss it as pseudo-science, others fervently believe in its potential advantages. It's a novel biohack that includes interacting with the electrical charge that naturally exists on Earth to enhance well-being. Although the scientific community has not yet reached a consensus, intriguing theories, and anecdotal evidence imply that grounding may provide advantages that are worth investigating.

The Theory Behind Grounding

The electrical characteristics of the earth and the physical repercussions of modern living are the foundations of the idea underpinning grounding. This is how it works:

  1. The Earth's Negative Charge: It is commonly known in science that the Earth has a small negative charge. The study of electrical fields and the conductivity of the earth provide a strong foundation for this idea.

  2. Positive Charge Accumulation: As a result of a variety of reasons, including wearing rubber-soled shoes, spending most of our time indoors, and being shielded from direct contact with the Earth's surface, we constantly amass positive charges within our bodies. It is believed that this accumulation of positive charges is a factor in weariness, inflammation, and perhaps even illness.

  3. Neutralisation via Grounding: According to grounding theory, the negative charge from the earth can balance out the excess positive charge in our bodies, bringing us back to a more balanced and possibly healthier state when we come into direct contact with its surface.

Research on Grounding

Although the notion underpinning grounding is intriguing, there is little and conflicting scientific data to back up its claims. The possible advantages of grounding have been examined in two brief studies:

  1. Study on Cortisol and Sleep: In one study, subjects slept on grounding mats, which are conductive mats wired to the charge of the earth. According to the study, grounding may lessen inflammation, increase sleep quality, and restore normal cortisol secretion.

  2. Study on Blood Viscosity and Cardiovascular Disease: According to another study, grounding may reduce blood viscosity, which may enhance blood flow and provide protection against cardiovascular disease.

It's crucial to remember that this research has drawbacks. They were modest in size, did not include placebo controls or blinding, and relied on subjects who were found through word-of-mouth recruitment. As a result, the scientific community is still hesitant to draw firm conclusions from these data.

Why Consider Grounding?

Despite the scant scientific evidence, grounding has become more popular for a few reasons:

Anecdotal Evidence: Some people, including well-known figures like Dave Asprey (creator of Bulletproof), have said that grounding has personally benefited them. They assert that when grounded, their sleep quality, jet lag, and mood all improve.

Testing: On a personal level, grounding is rather simple to test. You can experiment with grounding mats or simply go barefoot on grass or sand for a while. Monitoring cortisol levels, mood swings, and the impacts of jet lag might yield useful self-evaluation information.


Science and personal experience come together in the discussion of grounding, also known as earthing. It is important to keep in mind that not all the potential advantages of natural practices are fully understood or explored, which may explain why conventional academics and physicians continue to be skeptical. People who have attempted grounding, like Dave Asprey, report having personal experiences that imply there might be something to investigate.

Conducting your research and keeping note of your findings can be an easy and educational way to evaluate the impacts of grounding on your well-being if you're interested in learning more about it and its potential effects. In the end, the controversy over grounding serves as a reminder that science is still learning the nuances of how we interact with the natural world. Cheers to biohacking!

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