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Wyatt Green
Wyatt Green

Daz3d Dynamic Backpack

Take control of your Dynamic Clothing with this powerful plugin for DAZ Studio. The Dynamic Clothing Control plugin allows you to control gravity, add wind, and create custom garment presets, and much, much more. Create your own custom fabric types and then save them out to apply to any dynamic clothing item you like.

Daz3d Dynamic Backpack

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With the ability to control every individual property across every single panel of your dynamic clothing, you are in complete Control. Speed up your dynamic clothing simulations by controlling the number of calculations performed in each drape cycle. Add wind to make your dynamic clothing billow around your figure. Lower the force of gravity and make your figures clothes float as if they were suddenly walking on the moon. The possibilities are endless!

Ultra Dynamic Sky is a sky system designed to be more dynamic and natural than most sky solutions, offer a great degree of flexibility and customization options, with an interface designed for speed and simplicity.

Here are some examples of how research impacted the design. With the sneakers, I was inspired by Y-3 sneakers because they looked athletic, sleek, and stylish. With the shorts and tights combo, I was inspired by how athletes wear compression tights to improve circulation and reduce muscle vibrations during intense activity. Kneepads could be integrated with the compression tights to protect the knee, which could help Nathan protect his knees from banging them against things. I started to think about accessories like a backpack for Nathan to keep tactical items or to store items during his adventure.

Even at this stage, more refinement was done. The previous backpack strap had a conventional buckle fastener, but I added a fidlock fastener to make the backpack look more modern. The shorts were slightly tweaked to redesign the waterproof pockets to add more details and cutlines. While the details were small, the details added another level and depth that would have been missing otherwise. At this point, I finally felt the design was complete.


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