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The study of materials is interdisciplinary in nature and requires knowledge of research in many related fields, such as physics, chemistry, engineering and even biomedical science. Scientists and engineers working with materials increasingly need a medium for gathering relevant information from the growing amount of literature available.



The Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology presents around 1,800 articles written by experts in their fields, resulting in a comprehensive coverage of this broad and wide-ranging subject. It is the only encyclopedia available that covers all of materials science and technology, focussing on the following areas:

Provides online access to the full text of Elsevier journals in chemistry and chemical engineering; clinical medicine; computer science; earth and planetary sciences; economics, business, and management science; engineering, energy, and technology; environmental science and technology; life sciences; materials science; mathematics; physics and astronomy; and social science; as well as indexing and abstracting for electronic journals from other publishers.

Provides online access to over 4,000 journals and 30,000 books published by Elsevier. Strong collections in the social sciences, pure and applied sciences, engineering, and medicine. This service allows you to browse or search the journals and access full text articles (PDF & HTML). McMaster has access to many, but not all titles at this site.

Mostly, 3D bioprinting can be used for several biological applications in the fields of tissue engineering, bioengineering and materials science. The technology is also increasingly used for pharmaceutical development and drug validation. Clinical settings such as 3D printed skin and bone grafts, implants and even full 3D printed organs are currently at the center of bioprinting research.

Di Marzio, N., et al., (2020). Bio-Fabrication: Convergence of 3D Bioprinting and Nano-Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 8(326). Available from:

Journal of Coatings Technology and Research (JCTR) is a forum for the exchange of research, experience, knowledge and ideas among those with a professional interest in the science, technology and manufacture of functional, protective and decorative coatings including paints, inks and related coatings and their raw materials, and similar topics.

JCTR offers Research papers, describing investigations of chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering studies relevant to surface coatings; Applications papers on experimental solutions for technological problems in the design, formulation, manufacture, application, use and performance of surface coatings; Review articles offering broad, critical overviews of advances in coatings science; and Brief Communications, presenting notes and letters on research topics of limited scope or immediate impact.

Science & Technology Collection contains more than 830 full-text journals covering relevant aspects of the scientific and technical community. In addition to full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 1,740 journals. Topics include aeronautics, astrophysics, biology, chemistry, computer technology, geology, aviation, physics, archaeology, marine sciences, and materials science.

The Springer database offers full-text searching through Springers entire electronic output, including Journals, Books, Book Series, eReference books, and Protocols. Subject areas include engineering, science, humanities, business etc. Most full-text content is accessible to LSU patrons, with a few exceptions, most notable being the Protocols.

Scientists and engineers are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration. The solutions arrived at by natural selection are often a good starting point in the search for answers to scientific and technical problems. Designing and building bioinspired devices or systems can tell us more about the original animal or plant model. The following areas are particularly aligned with the current materials research at Cornell: bioinspired composites, engineered protein films for adhesion, lubrication and sensing applications, molecular tools for in-vitro and in-vivo imaging (C-Dots, FRET), as well as biomaterials for tissue engineering and drug delivery.

The Library provides access to images, audio and video resources. You can find high quality images from reputable sources covering architecture, art, fashion, health and medical, media, advertising, science and engineering. We also have a growing collection of online videos covering instructional tutorials, Australian current affairs, documentaries, drama series, feature films and subject-specific content.

A powerful business and management research tool that provides instant access to over 40,000 full text articles from over one hundred Emerald titles going back to 1994. Subject coverage spans a spectrum of management disciplines including: strategy; leadership; library and information management; marketing and human resource management; plus a substantial number of engineering, applied science and technology titles.

It is the Mathematical Science database produced by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). The database provides comprehensive coverage of international research in mathematics and mathematically related research in statistics, computer science, physics, operations research, engineering, biology and other disciplines. It contains full bibliographic references, with signed reviews or abstracts, of journal articles, books, conference proceedings, and proceedings papers, in a ddition to information from the printed publications Mathematical Reviews (MR) and Current Mathematical Publications (CMP), both published by AMS. Literature coverage includes approximately 2,000 journals, conference proceedings and proceedings papers, books or chapters, advanced-level textbooks, and published dissertations. 041b061a72


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