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Sure enough, several players preferred the slimming look of a single digit and changed their numbers. That includes the 49ers starting defensive backs: Jimmie Ward (No. 1), Jason Verrett (No. 2), Jaquiski Tartt (No. 3) and Emmanuel Moseley (No. 4).

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Martin Jacobs has been an advanced collector of 49ers memorabilia for nearly 54 years. He has established himself in the hobby as a respected market authority in virtually all major areas of the advanced sector. He continues to collect to enhance his 49ers collection and welcomes any comments and desires any 49ers memorabilia to purchase. He also offers free appraisals. He can be reached by email: *******

Originally 49ers jerseys were seen as part of a team's regular equipment. In fact, traditionally, in the old All-American Football Conference (1946-49) players had no option but wear jerseys issued to them by the team. They lacked appeal and had no fancy embellishments like the jerseys the players wear today.

The 49ers first issued jerseys were plain-colored with long sleeves and much heavier material than today's modern equivalent. They were cardinal with sewn numbers on the front and back. The color scheme was reversed with a white road jersey. In 1950, the color shade of the jersey changed to scarlet with three white parallel stripes added on the sleeves. In 1958, smaller white block numbers (or "TV" numerals) were added to the upper sleeves. These designs were basically used for the next 48 seasons, with only minor changes to the jerseys. For television identification purposes, a name plate attachment with a player's last name was sewn on the back.

Today, jerseys have more interesting and fashionable colors and innovative patterns. A great deal of attention is now given to the design, appearance and appeal. With the positive changes made in recent years, a huge number of fans now wear authentic jerseys both in and away from the football venues. This has further pushed the popularity of the jersey even higher. They have become a symbol of 49ers' fans favorite players; their achievements and team spirit.

Tagging Tags and labels are the best way to authenticate a jersey. To the collector, it is very important to know its origin and specifications. Usually 1/2" to 2" in size, labels are either sewn in the collar or at the bottom front of the jersey. A label will specify a size, suppliers name and washing instructions. Known suppliers to the 49ers have been O'Shea (1946-55), Wilson (1950-1995), Russell (1965-71), Adidas (1998-99), Reebok (1997-2006).

Buying used gamers: This is one of the few collecting categories in which soil age, scrapes, rips, tears, discoloring, jersey repairs, even spots of dried blood, are a plus. Jerseys worn in games are the only way to go. And if you do locate one, ask for a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Don't be fooled by a new jersey that's been passed off as the real thing. Proof of its provenance is essential to making a good investment. Buying from a reputable dealer will give you some level of assurance.

Where to find them: I have been collecting game-used 49ers jerseys for almost 40 years. This has allowed me over the years the privilege of establishing sources across the country and also within the memorabilia collecting community in locating that treasured jersey. These sources are impeccable for the serious collector. I suggest going to a Tri-Star memorabilia show (each Feb. and Sept. in San Francisco) to get a feel for the variety and quality of 49ers jerseys for sale. Get to know the collectors who sell them. They will help find the player you are looking for. Take in an auction. Many auction houses (Mastronet, Grey Flannel, Lelands) specialize in sports memorabilia and offer vintage 49ers jerseys. Order one of their catalogs for an upcoming sale. Mail in a bid or hire a proxy if you can't be there in person. Of course, check out Internet auction sites like

What's it worth: "Older is better" holds true in collecting vintage 49ers jerseys. Values will vary from year to year as they are becoming scarce each day. The smart investments are in retired 49ers players, Hall of Famers, statistical record holders, All-Pros, Super Bowl MVPs and Pro Bowlers. Common players, those without the accolades, will sell for much less. Jerseys with a players autograph on it will increase its value considerably. For those less fortunate to afford the real thing, there are always replicas called "Throwbacks" available of past 49ers available from Mitchell & Ness Company.

"The jerseys have been flying off the shelves as fast as our retail team can make them," said Nick Clarke, senior manager of fan engagement for the 49ers. "Okay, they're here! Buy, buy, buy, buy! Okay, they're gone, let's see if we can get more!"

Purdy was the last pick in the NFL draft, earning him the nickname Mr. Irrelevant. But after becoming the first 49ers quarterback in team history to win his first three starts, Purdy has made himself relevant indeed.

The team has managed to catch up with demand for some of the other hot jerseys, including newly-acquired running back Christian McCaffrey's #23. That was good news for McCaffrey's rapidly growing fan base, including some who came into town just to see the 49ers' playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. A young boy proudly showed off his pint-sized #23 jersey before carrying it to the cash register.

Fans can shop around for San Francisco 49ers gear now on Fanatics ahead of the NFC Championship on Sunday so they can have all they need to cheer on their team. Fanatics has a large selection of jerseys, T-Shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and more memorabilia. 041b061a72


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